JGO shows its creativity developing this innovative bed which allows to make the pronation maneuver of the patient with less human resources and in a shorter time. This original bed is one of a kind.

Put the patient in the decubitus prone position is a non-invasive technique and non-pharmacological to the treatment in patients with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome), a condition present in the worst cases of COVID-19. Prone position is a strategy that could improve the arterial oxygenation in patients with this illness treated with mechanical ventilation.
The variation of supine, lateral and prone positions make changes in the diaphragmatic mobility, improving the evacuation of secretions, perfusion redistribution and ventilation recovery.
Prone position prevents lung problems induced by the mechanical ventilation in the patients with ARDS and, as a consequence, it produces a potential improvement in the survival. However, it is not a tecnic exempt of complications, showing complexity in its realizations and a great consumption of human resources and supplies. The practice involves an exhaustive coordination of activities that needs about six people.
The PRONATION BED developed by JGO allows simplify this delicate maneuver and reduces drastically the number of people required to execute it.
Only two people could carry it out by the manual activation of the unit rotation controls.
In addition to the advantages offered by the realization of the rotation of the patient to the decubitus prone position, this bed allows the rotation to the lateral position of 20°and the supine position up to 40° C.


Technical description

Total height: 1500mm

Width: 1100mm

Length: 2400mm

Lateral decubitus position: maximum

20° to both sides.

Supine decubitus position: maximum 40°

Maximum bed load


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