The JGO TDS 001 device is a permanent tower, of easy installation and perfect to cover the
ingress to different facilities with a great flow of people, complying with the prevention measures
for differents types of diseases
It provides hygiene and safety for both customers and employees when it sanitizes all kinds of
surfaces like clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. The disinfection procedure is done in 3 easy
steps, on a 10 seconds cycle.
These sanitary equipments are specifically designed to make spaces and superfices safer by
reducing the microbiological charge that enters in locals when it is used.


The TDS 001 sanitizing tower allows the quick and continuous disinfection of people in access
zones to locals and facilities. It works with hydraulic nozzles that emanate small drops to
achieve the integral disinfection, keeping the safety of people who used it
The system works with a 220VCA connection and the pulverization turns on through a motion
sensor. The device does not lose the sprayer and does not overheat.


• General measures: height 2,25 mts.

• Width of base: 600 mm x 450 mm

• Width of column: 320 mm x 150 mm

• Structure made of carbon steel sheet of 1.6mm, with a base in carbon steel sheet of 4.7 mm.

• Four injected gyratory wheels, one with brake.

• Glossy White Epoxy paint termination

• Polypropylene tank of 25 litres.

• Four cloud sprinklers

• Supply voltage: 220 V.

• High pressure pump

• Foot button

• Liquid level display

• Equipment autonomy: 300 applications.


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